Norman Bethune

Norman Bethune

by Adrienne Clarkson

Honored as a hero in China, Ontario-born Norman Bethune was a surgeon, medical innovator and charismatic political activist who deployed his skills on the battlefields of Spain and China in the 1930s.  His prodigious energy included inventing surgical instruments, mobile blood-transfusion units, teaching, and advocating for social justice at home and abroad. Adrienne Clarkson, a Chinese-Canadian, has always been fascinated by the dynamic man who married his social conscience to his medical mission. Reviled as a Communist by some, revered as a humanitarian by others, Bethune was a complicated, inspirational figure who lived and loved on a large canvas.

About the artist

Carl Joseph Shinkaruk has attracted international acclaim and respect for a powerful, yet sensitive portfolio which is richly steeped in his childhood roots on the Canadian prairies. Carl experienced international exposure very early in his career when his work was exhibited by the prestigious Metropolitan Gallery in Hawaii and Japan. It was there that his work was displayed with the likes of Norman Rockwell and Salvador Dali. The magical realism of Carl Joseph Shinkaruk’s work continues to attract collectors worldwide and the use of his powerful images commercially is thriving.

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